Meaningful Design of Gift Box Manufacturers

Not all creative ideas can be applied, and good ideas need to be combined with reality. Because some ideas can’t be achieved with craft.
Application of products: red wine packaging box, heaven and earth cover packaging box, heaven and earth cover paper box packaging, heaven and earth cover paper box packaging, heaven and earth box packaging, heaven and earth box packaging box, heaven and earth box, etc.!
In the normal communication, people often give gifts to each other, which is indispensable to people’s lives and contacts. Gifts, the traditional sense is to send something in kind, so it will need to have gift boxes to give us gifts to be packaged.
Why gift boxes to do a good job, first of all, if the quality of the box is not good or very easy to deformation, wrinkle, then will affect the sale of the product itself will also affect the brand’s reputation. The second is that if not good enough, then the customer’s sense of identity will be relatively poor, like human beings have a heavier heart, if no one asked then it will feel more sad.
So in gift boxes do high-end gift when people will feel that there is a grade. That way, when someone else collects a gift, Gao Xing will find that your friendship is heavy.
The beautiful appearance of gift box is the high-grade that cannot be disguised.

Design Concept of Color Box

The package design of gift box is mainly embodied in practicality, aesthetics, originality, economy and relevance.
The function and function of the product can be embodied by the material, structure, shape and pattern of the package. The product package is mainly divided into transport package and sales package. In addition to the use of performance, but also should be a strong artistic, its shape and structural design to meet the “scientific, beautiful, marketable” requirements.
Our company in the design of scientific and reasonable structure, but also consider the shape, decoration on the beautiful. Excellent packaging design, structural design, not only to accommodate and protect goods, beautify goods, promote the sale of goods, but also should be easy to carry, use, display and transport.
Beautiful gift box packaging products, to friends and family, bosses, and so on, both generous and fashionable, is a good choice.

Shows you how to make a nice, elegant gift box

Nowadays, with the development of society and the improvement of people’s living standard, many people like to make their own small gadgets, such as plastic flowerpots, paper flowers, gift boxes, etc. Next, teach you how to make gift boxes;
1、 The paper roll with a small width shall be used as the cover, and the thick cardboard shall be sealed at the bottom (see the method of pen holder in detail), and the round decorative paper larger than 1 cm on the round bottom shall be pasted, and the edges shall be cut into strips.
2、 Affix the slips of paper floating on the outside of the roll.
3、 Cut a long paper shape, equal to the circumference, about 3 times the width of the paper roll thickness, fold the upper edge inward into 1 cm, and use it to package the paper roll outer hay.
4、 Cut the edges into long strips in the same way, and smear the photo glue (all-purpose glue or double-sided glue) on the inner side and the edge of the part.
5、 Pull the edge paper strip to the bottom for floating.
6、 Cut out round decorative paper and paste it on the bottom, and the box cover shall be completely packed.
7、 The box body shall be made of wide paper rolls, and the back cover of one side shall be cut into a long paper with the circumference of the paper roll as long as the circumference of the paper roll. The width of the paper roll shall be about 2 cm on both sides of the size and the outside of the packing paper roll.
8、 Leave 2 cm more paper on both sides and cut them into long strips
9、 One end of the strip shall float to the bottom.
10、 Strip at the other end to the inner surface
11、 Cut a round piece of decorative paper and paste it on the bottom, covering the white space
12、 The long corrugated paper shall be rolled into a cylinder and put into the box, and the height shall be about 1.5 cm more than that of the box.
13、 The shape of the box body is finished.
Step-By-Step grasp skills, exquisite generous gift box will be able to easily complete.

Fine gift boxes belong to you for Christmas

In this beautiful day, think about what to give you, but do not intend to give you too much. Only to give you a warm gift box, which has 30 million: Do be happy! Do be healthy! Be safe!
In this cold winter, a happy Christmas is coming, buy a good Christmas gift you, if there is a delicate gift box packaging will appear more innovative. Beautiful packaging may give your friends a different feeling.
May you bring joy and smiles to your friends and yourself on this merry Christmas!

How to design gift box

Generally, when we design gift box packaging, we need to have a general understanding of the basic shape of the product. Earl Gift Box Factory to gift box packaging on the shape, decoration and color to the appropriate treatment of the three, is the business and buyers of aesthetic and conscious creation and operation of the performance.
Earl’s Gift Box Factory design philosophy and meaning is the designer for research and service customers are different.
Product packaging design is designed for the three functions of packaging – protecting products, easy to use, promote sales and design activities. Design work should include product protection design. Such as cushioning packaging design, moisture-proof packaging design, structure and process design. Another example of collective packaging, packaging design and packaging products such as modelling and decoration design.

The source of the gift box

Gift box reflects the “ceremony” word, different! Any product if you need to sell must be packaged, but the level of packaging is different! Some packaging is directly play a protective role. Some want to show the nobility of the product! No matter how good the product is, no high-end packaging design gives a person an imperfect idea. Box is used to pack high-end products, there is visual enjoyment. To embody the gift box “gift”, must be carefully designed, carefully conceived but also carefully produced!

Earl’s Gift Box Factory

Earl Gift Box Factory commodity packaging is divided into transport packaging and sales packaging two categories. The beauty of the sales package is extremely important, because the color box and the consumer directly meet and use.
Earl Gift Box Factory in the design on the one hand, consider the shape, decoration on the beautiful, on the other hand, consider the structure of scientific rationality. In addition to the use of performance, Earl Gift Box Factory in the design of goods with a strong artistic, its shape and structural design in line with “scientific, beautiful, marketable, quality” requirements.
The products of the Earl Gift Box Factory have significant advantages in terms of packaging and design, as well as in accommodating and protecting goods, beautifying goods and promoting the sales of goods. In addition, the goods of the Earl Gift Box Factory are convenient to carry, use, exhibit and transport.

Gift box packing scheme

Earl Gift Box Factory packing design solution:
In Earl’s Gift Box Factory, the overall plan for product packaging is widely recognized, generally including the analysis of the characteristics and packaging requirements of the packaging, the analysis of the product circulation environment, the positioning of packaging design, the determination of packaging materials and packaging forms, the packaging decoration, packaging promotion, the production and evaluation of packaging samples, and the determination of product packaging techniques and equipment.
Thus, the Earl Gift Box Factory product packaging overall solution in essence includes the meaning of generalized packaging design, but also related to other areas of content.
The Earl gift box factory solution gift box packing design plan has a set of specialized flow.

Design and Appearance Requirements for Heyuan Gift Box Factory

Interior design, dress design, architectural design, etc., we often see and hear. Then, in recent years, the development of Heyuan Gift Box Factory is also accelerating and innovating. Structural design should be based on the characteristics of the packaging products, environmental factors and user requirements. Reasonable gift box has box cover, box bottom, bonding flap, dustproof flap and other components. It should not only meet the principle of overall design, but also be in harmony with the requirements of modeling and decoration design; modeling and decoration design should be from an aesthetic point of view, emphasizing the display of packaging. In addition, size and strength design is also an important part of carton carton design, which not only affects the appearance of the product quality, but also related to production and circulation costs.
Heyuan Gift Box Factory emphasizes the quality of the products, and pays attention to the appearance of gift boxes in the purchase.

Earl’s Gift Box Factory

Earl Gift Box Factory production range, the main production of color boxes, gift boxes, boutique boxes, watch boxes, cosmetic boxes, book boxes, tea boxes.
Earl Gift Box Factory can also produce wine boxes, moon cake boxes, candle boxes, toy boxes. Supporting the production of tags, stickers, paper folders and so on. Earl Gift Box Factory is the demand of packaging industry.
Earl Gift Box Factory has now been able to achieve a one-stop service “from the development of design to production of large goods.”
Earl Gift Box Factory is further deepening the study of paper products and research, to be more innovative.
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